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ACID’s mission is to promote and support the intellectual development in disadvantaged populations and their initiatives for international solidarity. It works against poverty and builds a society based on the principles of justice, inclusion, equality and respect for human rights.

Our Projects

In our sustainable
development and
economic action plan,

we provide support to help create and protect a better living environment in communities and industries in countries that have been most affected by this downturn. ACID strives for a long-term commitment and provides much needed support in a wide array of investments in such areas as education, health, infrastructure, development and international solidarity, agriculture, and environmental and natural resource management.

Human Rights & Social Sustainability

Health Prevention &.Youth and Child Action

Development & International Solidarity

Food Aid & Agriculturey

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Where We Work

The ongoing violence and insecurity

along with poverty are seriously hampering the humanitarian effort, preventing access to many areas, thus augmenting the suffering, and further risking the lives of innocent people.

ACID knows important decisions must be taken. These decisions will pave the way for a further enlarged humanitarian aid, as well as a further strengthening of policy areas that are of crucial importance for effective action on the challenges facing the world of today and tomorrow.

The Agency of International Cooperation for Development is Committed to providing humanitarian aid for people in the most vulnerable countries. This includes humanitarian food assistance, nutritional support, clean water and sanitation facilities, access to healthcare services, as well as increased protection for the most affected groups

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Your contribution

Today is a unique opportunity to tackle the problem of poverty and say we are assuming responsibility for that. Your contribution helps to increase our scientific, logistical and financial resources. It gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to development aid and to increasing happiness in the world. We can change lives together!

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