About Us

ACID is an American organization founded on notions of interdependence and international solidarity.

It promotes a sustainable development approach to enable disadvantaged populations to cope with many social issues on a global scale.

As such, ACID and its partners are working together to address the most urgent challenges facing these populations.

It expressly agrees on more efficient development pathways for humanitarian aid. ACID exercises strategies to find solutions and means of transformative change for the improvement of human welfare. The idea of creating ACID is born of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Thus, the organization supports projects related to sustainable development.

In addition, it ensures a healthy and sustainable management, without prejudice to the environment and society and meets the basic needs of the target groups by reducing inequalities between individuals and respecting their cultures.

ACID promotes the involvement of people in the process of sustainable social openings.

Its development aid strategies provide a framework for mobilizing to transform current challenges into opportunities and generate new prosperity respectful of man and his environment in accordance with the United Nations mission.

Its main objective is to continuously improve the quality of life and well-being. It calls for the setting up of foundations and does decentralization which, as a starting point, social development, empowerment, education, mentoring, skills transfer, knowledge and know-how, the employment and the autonomy of man the purpose of excluding forever the specter of social exclusion that impoverishes, divides and maintains hatred and conflicts worldwide.