Agency of International Cooperation for Development, Inc. Private International Organization/NGO

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Main Goals & Action Types

Main Goals

With the aim of creating more humane and decent opportunities to the poorest populations hit hard by the difficulties of all kinds, including disease, starvation and deprivation of all kinds, ACID has set the following goals:

  • Improve the environmental setting and poorest living
  • Meet the basic needs of populations to combat exclusion in all its forms (social professional…)
  • Promote the social, economic and cultural development in the most vulnerable areas
  • Influence decision makers and participate in the development of social policies of international cooperation, development aid strategies and international relations
  • Strengthen the capacity of the population through the provision of information and training
  • Promote coordination and mobilization of youth for the international solidarity
  • Sensitize, educate and promote public engagement in favor of international solidarity
  • Promote and protect gender inequalities, equity and the elimination of violence

Our Action Types


Sustainable Development

Sustainable development also refers to a comprehensive approach: it involves taking into account all relationships between systems or between elements of a system, be it a city, or an ecosystem in the biosphere. The analysis of the interactions between these elements allows us to understand the functioning of the whole to be able to act effectively at source.

Peace and Protection of Human Rights

ACID thinks like the United Nations, where there can be no peace without development or development without peace, and neither one nor the other without respect for human rights and the rule of law.

Humanitarian Action

Defending against humanitarian drifts, maintaining mobilizing opinion around future goals, perpetuate the presence of volunteers on the lands for sustainable actions, that today is the essential struggle of ACID and its partners.

Social Integration

The organization assists people and works to strengthen their social skills to prevent social isolation by developing their social ties.


ACID has the objective to strengthen the exchange and sharing of experiences and expertise and to deepen strategic thinking by training for a simpler world that is respectful of the fundamental values

Social Solidarity

The organization considers solidarity as the merger of the individual responsibilities of group members into a collective responsibility. In a solidarity group, the mistakes of some are the sins of all, and the success of one is the success of all. So this is a way to reach satisfaction for the benefit of people in need of help.


ACID values moral action and restored positive incentives within the company. Purely moral acts that appeal to conscience and choice of the individual.


Social recognition is an important remedy for people so greatly affected by adverse life situations. Making life easier for people with disabilities and their families remains a major concern for ACID.

Equality genres

The objective of equalities implies policy implementation in favor of “equality of opportunity” between women and men. Equal opportunity should allow men and women to enjoy the same conditions and to have equal access to the same resources. ACID fights for a work environment and evolution course for both women and men.

Intergenerational Equity

ACID is increasing its efforts to raise awareness about all of the issues of intergenerational, collective and individual efforts that support putting viable multigenerational companies gradually into place. This mobilization of consciences is all the more necessary because today there’s confidence that the intergenerational reflex is not innate but must be acquired, and that even if it existed in a more automatic and normal way at other times, it has now largely lost its natural foundations, and that it is therefore necessary to re-learn the forgotten feature of our societies that has become vital for their survival. Learning this will be more difficult than the forces acting in the opposite direction, and to infringe solidarity principles will be very powerful and often difficult to counter.

Monitoring of development projects

The Organization is working with its allies for assistance in developing strategies, policies and structures that have a systemic impact on development in order to respond quickly and appropriately to challenges and opportunities.

Environmental Protection

Good health and wellbeing require a clean and harmonious environment in which physical, psychological, social wellbeing receive their proper place. ACID is committed to improving the living conditions of the people living there.

Fair Trade

The Cooperation promotes and defends fair trade for the improvement of the poor standard of living.

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