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Become Our Partner

The task of ending extreme poverty is a collective-one for you as well as for us. The end of poverty will require a global network of cooperation among people who have never met and who do not necessarily trust one another. We must understand more concretely what such a strategy means to the people who can be helped.

ACID encourages efforts to provide aid in humanitarian emergencies, including in order to contribute to a smooth transition from relief to development.

Our Expectations of Our Partner(s)

The ACID organization takes seriously its commitment to ethical activities practices. ACID is committed to the highest standards of program safety, quality, and relationship based on integrity when dealing with partners. We ascribe to values and ethics that exceed the minimums required by law, because integrity, one of our ten core values, is among our most prized characteristics of our organization and its culture. ACID wants to work with partners who operate in a fair, honest, and socially responsible manner.

ACID’s team has strong organizational skills and the ability to foster long-term and strong relationship with loyalty, honesty, transparency and credibility.

Just as we expect employees to act at all times faithfully, industriously, and to the best of their ability, experience, and talents, perform all of the duties that may be required of and from them pursuant to the express and implicit of our partner’s request,  we also expect our partners to act in a manner consistent with these ethical expectations and obligations in their interactions with us.

We regard our partners as a critical and necessary extension of our mission, operations, and future success in order to change lives. We thank you in advance to make compliance and ethics a top priority as you are going to work with us.

What is our main idea of partnership?

Poverty is more than the lack of income and resources to ensure a sustainable livelihood. Its manifestations include hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and other basic services, social discrimination and exclusion as well as the lack of participation in decision-making. Economic growth must be inclusive to provide sustainable jobs and promote equality.

Currently, more than eight million people around the world die each year because they are too poor to stay alive. Our generation can choose to end that extreme poverty by the year 20. Life is so wonderful. Anyone shouldn’t be died because of poverty.

The strategy of connectivity to other entities is crucial for innovation and overall success.

Today we can invoke the same logic to declare that extreme poverty can be ended not in the time of our grandchildren, but in our time. The wealth of the rich world, the power of today’s vast storehouses of knowledge, and the declining fraction of the world that needs help to escape from poverty all make the end of poverty a realistic possibility by the year 2030. Everybody can be an advocate of development. To face these challenges, we need partners.

Who can become our Partner(s)?

Any National or International actor which plays an increasingly important role in the society.

What do we expect from our partner(s)?

We look forward to benefiting from our partners an outlook of abundance.

Any partner can decide to contribute to a specific project in a voluntary capacity or desire to be involved in the whole organization’s programs.

Do we share information and knowledge about the organization with our partner(s)?

Yes. ACID believes that  In a partnership, the emphasis is always on the task or outcome for which the partners came together in the first place. To that end, all partners need to have access to the same information about our activities.

Synergy and creativity result when actors build upon one another’s information and ideas.

Do we document our needs based on our organization’s  strengths and weaknesses and share them with our partner(s)?

Yes. we believe that having our needs, strengths, and weaknesses documented provides an opportunity for our partners to get to understand us and our organization better. It also provides our partners with information that can assist them in helping us meet our needs

Do we take advice from our partner(s)?

Yes. The ACID organization is committed to strengthening its humanitarian response capacity in order to provide a timely, predictable, coordinated and accountable response to humanitarian needs.

It’s crucial for us to continually check that our perceptions, decisions, and actions will produce  sustainable social development.  To that end, we welcome suggestions about how to do things differently and actively seek them out.

How does the need of partnership appeal to Us?

For ACID, The international solidarity is the collective will of one or of several actors to change the imbalances, inequalities and injustices prevailing in several countries.

In a world of affluence, roughly a sixth of humanity is too poor to live. Survival is a daily fight. The organization encourages all sectors of society to assist in designating successful strategies for environmental compliance and securing future sustainable development. Every actor has its place, its role and its word to say in initiatives where the money is a mean and not a goal.

For cooperation contact the:

International Aid / Cooperation and Development Office


This office develops and maintains a consistent view of multilateral or regional relations in the good governance, democracy and human rights, gender and social sectors, in all of countries.


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