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Form to Propose a Project

Fill out the form below indicating in which language you would like to receive the form. The following three languages are eligible: English, French and Spanish.

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After you’ve submitted your application, you will automatically receive a response confirming the consideration of the application. The application form will be sent in 2 days after the receipt of your message from the officer-in-charge…However, if you don’t receive a message back after your request within 5 days, it is requested to submit your request again this may be due to the large number of message received per day and can without regard to ignore emails that are not included on our list of daily contact.
After the submission of your project, if the project focuses in particular on our mission and our values, a representative of the Organization will contact you within 15 days for a short interview; After the interview, if the initiator lives in a city of the 50 states in the United States of America, the manager will propose a meeting date to present the project. For that one who lives in another region, the meeting may be on Skype after you have selected a date.
However, please note that the presentation of your project does not warrant its consideration and its realization is not certain. A note of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the initiator after the presentation of the project. In case of acceptance the initiator will be expected to participate actively in the realization of the project.
The project approach is a method used to solve the problems posed by the development. As well, there are different types of project: development project, local development project, project of regional development etc. The purpose of these different types seems to be the same: to improve the lives of individuals.
Conform to the values of the Cooperation, development project is for us a set of tasks consistent, dependent of each other, and participating in a goal, is usually the work of public actors, the purpose of which is not only financial returns, but also and above all the collective efficiency still called economic profitability.
The development projects have, therefore, a primary objective for the improvement of the conditions of life of the individuals of a community.

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