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If you share our mission and our values, if you like our programs of activities for the fight of a society based on the principles of core values and a better future and want to support our work to change lives, to revive the cravings, to eradicate the spectrum of the exclusion, which impoverishes and divides the world, you can help us by sending your donations to the Corporation.

For more information on bequests or sponsorship, it is in regards to their use, to know how your donations are taken in hand for the effective implementation of our programs and how can they, or do they already in large change in humanitarian?

Please enter in contact with the Office of Cooperation and Sustainable Development at the email address below for all your questions relating thereto or to request a brochure containing the details.

You will also have the opportunity to download these brochures on the web site on the report tab-Development-Donations or bequests.

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