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We are happy when you decide to walk with us.

ACID recognizes its responsibility to develop the information related to its fields of activities that is accessible to and usable by all persons. While we do everything to ensure the accessibility of our website and its content, it can sometimes happen that some are unable to access and find the information they are looking for. In such circumstances, we indicate the coordinates of the office of communication and information of the organization to help you. All time if you wish to visit us, we already wish you welcome.

Please note that the selected date may not be approved by the Office Information and Planning Appointment of ACID. To help us find you a suitable date, please send your request to visit a month before the estimated date.

If the purpose of your application meets our action plans, the office will respond between 8-10 business days. Otherwise, your visit request will be approved but still might take longer before receiving a response.

If you are a job seeker, we bring you the following clarification: The Human Resources  Department will not accept résumé in person. All offers must be viewed online on the organization’s website. In addition, the University Internship seekers should also find internship opportunities that will be available for a limited time on the site. However, if you wish to complete an internship in the organization although there is a notice posted on the  website or in the newspaper, you can request an internship application form using the primary email contact for ACID.

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Please download the form above corresponding to your class and send it to us at the following e-mail address:

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