Agency of International Cooperation for Development, Inc. Private International Organization/NGO

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When we adhere to an association and are committed legally, since it is neither more nor less than the application of a contract governed by general principles of law and the law of parties. Membership is a contract and the terms are posed by the statutes.

Anyone wishing to give back to society can complete the membership application form for ACID. Nevertheless, it must:

  • Accept the mission and values of the organization
  • Be willing to work in social movements
  • Make a written application for membership describing their motivations and future plans after sending the application form.

If the application is approved, members must:

  • Pay dues to support the growth and diversification of cooperation
  • Sign the MOU members once the request is accepted
  • Actively participate in work areas, annual Missions, and the Organization of projects and programs
  • Report of the activities they will be invited to participate in and give their views for the consideration the new device has adopted if it occurs.

The Council of ACID encourages members to work together to develop projects, campaigns and other joint initiatives.

Accessibility Members

  • As a member, you can access our Member page
  • As a member, you can contact us directly on the Internet instant messaging
  • As a member, you can contact us by our email for members
  • As a member, you can participate in national and/or international missions
  • As a member you can develop your sense of leadership
  • By becoming a member you can avail the Organization’s events

Terms of Payment

Please indicate on the application form the rate that corresponds to your membership (or membership status on the site to better your choice). Payment terms will be determined if or when your application will be approved. The annual fee must be paid immediately or within ten days of the acceptance of your application and is non-refundable. The absence of a personal opinion following payment will result in automatic termination. The approved application is valid for one month after the personal opinion.

Payment can be done automatically online by credit card, debit card, bank transfer or check. We ask you, please refer to “Join-Modality” on the Organization’s site to pay your annual membership fee.




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