Together, through volunteerism, we are making a difference in accordance with the aim of societies based on core values. ACID pays tribute to the participation of its volunteers and recognizes the role they play in the management and development of the organization’s programs.

ACID encourages learning opportunities abroad for young people, youth workers and youth organizations. In line with this strategy, it promotes citizenship and solidarity among young people and enables them to gain skills through youth work, volunteering and civic participation.

ACID develops favorable conditions for volunteering, It aims to cooperate with foreign organizations to develop the quality of voluntary actions, it also seeks to give the recognition of volunteerism and highlight the importance of volunteering as a factor of social cohesion.

We are conducting a fight indisputable to reinforce the importance of volunteering. Thus, we see volunteering as one of the fundamental dimensions of active citizenship and democracy, this allows for the acquisition of skills and social skills. Volunteering contributes significantly to the social solidarity and plays a fundamental role in the field of youth, and then increases civic participation and contributes to citizens ‘ sense of belonging to the society, at national and global level.

Volunteerism is an important, and increasingly popular, mechanism for young people or anyone else to bring about positive change in society, and it is becoming more and more relevant as a mechanism to engage young people in global peace and sustainable human development.

Young people increasingly feel that volunteerism complements formal education in teaching the skills that are required for the job market, such as leadership, teamwork, problem solving, planning, management, creativity, communication and negotiation. This is especially important given the current global economic downturn, where competition for jobs is increasing.

ACID has adopted a series of important initiatives that, in the framework of its development programs, could make a significant contribution to the improvement of the living standards of all people, men and women everywhere in the world.

Every person is entitled to equal access to volunteering opportunities and protection against all kinds of discrimination.

Volunteering is an excellent way to gain useful skills and develop friends and contacts.

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