Lebanon: EU Humanitarian Air Bridge arrives in Beirut with medical equipment and medicines

This morning an EU Humanitarian Air bridge flight landed in Beirut, Lebanon, delivering over 17 tonnes of humanitarian supplies, medicines and medical equipment.

The transport cost was fully covered by the European Commission while the cargo was procured by the EU’s humanitarian partners, UNICEF and Médecins du Monde.

The urgently needed materials will help ensure health access for the most vulnerable following the explosion at Beirut port and the coronavirus pandemic.

This humanitarian support comes on top of the EU’s emergency response following the devastating explosions in the capital Beirut on 4 August that put an additional strain on the Lebanese health system, which was already stretched due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the immediate aftermath of the blasts, 19 countries offered specialised search and rescue, chemical assessment and medical teams as well as medical equipment and other assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

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