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  • Founding members: it is those who have participated in the establishment of cooperation; they are named in the articles themselves or identified as signatories of the minutes of the constituent general meeting;
  • Full members; It is those that the Organization agrees to accept as members of the NGO, by exempting them from the admission procedure for other categories of membership (licensing, sponsorship)
  • Supporting Members: Are those who have agreed to financially support the organization, to pay a contribution of a sum higher than that payable by the “active” Member or, more simply, people who regularly send donations for Cooperation. In the latter case, the title.
  • Honorary members or honorary: Is defined as those members who have rendered special services to the Organization; the title of honorary member can be awarded to members of the organization or people outside the organization; often, they are exempt from paying the fee; This title gives the person who obtained the right to be part of the administration without being required to pay dues.

Full members or users and active members:  The members or users Member category is often opposite to that of the active members who actually participate in the activities and management of the association, while the former joined the association in the sole purpose of receiving benefits. They appear more as customers than true members;

  • Life members: It is those who have the status of associate member throughout their lives; in the event of death, this life membership is not transmitted to his heirs.

The annual fee is:

 Free for founders

– Free for members of the administration,

– Royalty Free insofar as it is higher than that of users or associate members for benefactors

– Free for members or active members,

New members are encouraged to choose the status of “sustaining member or associate member/user”

The Organization’s Statue provides that, depending on the category to which it belongs, a member may participate or not in the general meeting, either in an advisory capacity or voting rights, it may or may not be eligible for the Board of Directors and/or office. Only members have access to this information.

Please kindly note that if your application request is successful you will be invited to submit a duly completed application form that you can find by clicking on the following link: ACID Membership Form (Word or PDF)

ACIDAID_Member_Application_Form_2015_1                 ACIDAID_Member_Application_Form_2015_1


Please note: This information is subject to change at any time.

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