Our Philosophy

ACID management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. People who come to ACID want to
work here because we have created an environment that encourages creativity and achievement. ACID aims to
become a leader in activities related to the idea of continuously improving the quality of life and well-being.
The mainstay of our strategy will be to offer a level of support focus that is superior to that offered by other
organizations. As such, ACID and its partners are working together to address the most urgent challenges facing
the most vulnerable populations.
While we will be realistic in setting goals and expectations, ACID will also be aggressive in reaching its objectives.
ACID organization has a recognition of the right of those living in poverty and suffering social exclusion to live in
dignity, and play an active part in society;
It shares responsibility for and participation in the fight against poverty, with an emphasis on both collective and
individual action;
ACID promotes cohesion, highlighting the advantages of the eradication of poverty, and greater social inclusion,
for all members of society.