Policies and procedures

Agency of International Cooperation for Development is devoted to conducting its operations with integrity, excellence, and discipline. These values call for the organization to practice the highest standards of governance. To reach our goal of transparency and earn world credibility, we pledge to a free and open society, we commit ourselves to meeting the diverse needs of the population we serve.

To that end, the direction of ACID ensures that the financial statements comply with generally accepted accounting principles; those assets are safeguarded; that lenders’ directives are complied with; and those finances are managed accurately, efficiently, and transparently.

Our Policies and procedures involve the management of tax and accounting operations. These policies are reviewed annually, revised as necessary and approved by management and the Board of Directors.

The Direction is responsible for- ⇒Ensuring the organization registration remains active with the Governments. – ⇒ Keeping accounting records in line with the standards of the generally accepted accounting practice of its income, expenditure, assets, and liabilities. ⇒ Drawing up financial statements within six months of its financial year-end which must include- ” An income and expenditure statement, and ” A balance sheet reflecting its assets and liabilities. ⇒ Compiling a written report by the accounting officer within eight months of the organization’s financial year-end stating whether or not the organization’s- ” Financial statements and accounting records are consistent; ” Accounting policies were applied with the preparation of the financial statements.