Our values are the basis of the bonds of brotherhood and especially solidarity that underpin society. To ACID, these values are the key to enabling the organization to sustain its actions on the ground. It seems crucial to promote it around the values: Social Progress- Integrity- Social Commitment- Social Justice- Responsibility- Equality- Humanity- Environmental protection- Cooperation- Positive Mental Attitude

The promotion of a sustainable social and economic development, the fight against poverty and the advent of democracy depends on the commitment of women and men to transform the society.
The establishment of a culture of non-violence and peace is a process that is participatory and interactive, aimed at finding solutions constructive and creative issues such as discrimination, violence, and exclusion. The establishment of a dialogue and the participation of the entire community are essential elements for the creation of a culture of non-violence and peace, which is basically to promote humanitarian values such as equality, respect for diversity, mutual understanding and cooperation.

The values are more related to the feelings than to the intellect or rational analysis. They are linked to the right hemisphere of our brain. The arts, which will touch the hearts of those around us, and therefore require their commitment, are the ideal means to teach, strengthen and promote values and social skills interpersonal, because the learning goes through the feelings, the experience, the vibration or the body, rather than by intellectual analysis. These creative platforms are also effective ways to engage the whole community and to bring together in a pleasing way different generations or cultures. These methods are also more appropriate to reach communities without instruction.

As part of our network, which is certainly not representative of all the youth, we have discovered that the “system” in which we live does not take into consideration the limited resources, does not respect human values, fails to ensure the application of justice or equity between people. We are witnessing the inequalities and paradoxes blatant, children and people who die of hunger while others do not know what to do with their surplus production. People are dying from diseases that are easily treated today in other countries. States are looting the diversity of other peoples and patenting their names were known to all. We believe that we have our say in the face of this unfortunate reality, even if we know for a fact that our means are limited to be able to really solve the problems. We also believe that it is necessary to move beyond the boundaries and go in search of the truth, the solutions to where they are.

We consider that by the link that we create between us, we put our footprints in the construction of a more just world. Yes, it is important for young people to share, discuss and exchange their points of view on these realities. They must also be mutually reinforcing in order to be able to build a generation of strong with their own ideas. What we have been able to achieve is huge, because we managed to bring together hundreds of young people and they have been allowed to interact, discuss, exchange their points of view and even build all the concrete proposals for action relevant to the change. We also learned how to work together, respecting our diversity of visions and by using the technical means that exist. This may not be any youth, but it is at least a group of people who will pay attention to their daily actions and try what they have learned to change their behaviors towards the difference, the protection of resources and the environment and become more responsible.