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The voluntary commitment of our citizens, especially young people, is an important pillar for the growth of the society. Volunteering indeed has gain not only for economics, but also allows transmit of basic democratic values such as commitment, solidarity, and tolerance. But today, many organizations are struggling to build commitment, specifically in developing countries, yet without them they cannot exist long term.

Faced with the social changes and the rapid evolution of our society, it becomes necessary to help youth organizations in their efforts to adapt to new challenges. Volunteering is a pillar of citizen work and it is important to maintain while giving priority to professional development of organizational and educational skills. Professional and volunteering work are not contradictory but complementary.

A long-term commitment to benefit the causes of an organization does not seem to respond to forms of engagement practiced by many people today who seem to prefer engagement in a new form of volunteering on projects defined to provide new opportunities for participation, both for members within the organizations in making responsibilities under “project management” or as part of a limited commitment to people less committed to the organization, but aware of the very objectives of the project. Thus, such a variable geometry volunteer form would best suit a multicultural population and the needs of a specific target population. This approach presupposes mobility within organizations and solidarity openness both for new forms of work and opening to non-organized people or less.

Outside the public recognition of volunteering, it is appropriate to develop concrete actions of  state and government structures, either at the recognition of skills acquired through non-formal education or level of volunteer commitment part of a partner civil society– at various levels and in various forms.

As a result, members of ACID perform the duties assigned to them in the context of the organization’s activities. However, they may, receive a lump sum in the context of missions conducted by them and approved by the Executive Board.

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