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It is a privilege certain to receive you and to be able to answer to your expectations.
The efforts of the Organization concretize in accurate analysis, as to accomplish its mission to the poorest.

Today of course most people around the world are some way from  the  heart  of darkness.  The willingness of to leave their home country for a better life elsewhere is hardly a sign of incipient depression.  Nonetheless, as we tackle the problem of poverty currently affecting the world there are lessons, we can usefully absorb from the past about how best to react to adversity.  We should aim in particular to emulate the quality of the vision and efforts shown by great figures to whom we can refer.

These efforts include the support given to people to improve their living conditions over the long term and address issues of substance which may inhibit human development.
We fight against poverty for sustainable development, and we are convinced that you are also an advocate of development.
Change lives?! It is possible.