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Development and International Solidarity


In the space of thirty years, the notion of sustainable development has established itself not only as a source of recommendations, but as a legal imperative, which encompasses the fields of economic, social and environmental. The only adaptation of the Organization to the new legal standards for “sustainable” would require building an SD strategy.

But sustainable development is also a source of innovation that takes into account changes in technology and new social practices and economic, based in large part on information technologies and communication. Failing to adopt practices that are more respectful of others and of the environment because she actually believes in the degradation of its living conditions, the working population of the future will use sustainable development as a commercial asset, a paradigm of economic, social and political.
Like any new paradigm, sustainable development requires creativity, innovation and experimentation.

ACID includes the development as a set of processes by which a particular society seeks to create the conditions most favorable to the well-being material, intellectual, and spiritual, of each of its members. Such a development is said to be “sustainable” when the environmental conditions, economic, social and cultural created by this society at a given time, according to its values, do not reduce the means at the disposal of future generations to create, in their turn, the conditions of their well-being, according to their own values. Human societies are diverse, their projects are necessarily. But there can be no sustainable development if local projects are developed in a spirit of solidarity for the planet, because the planet and the humanity that dwells in him form a unique ecological system, tracing over time, a unique story.

To advance towards a sustainable development, it is the key to this to ensure the future. Involve all stakeholders of the company to reflection and an effort to fully collective, it is essential. There is an urgent need to take action, make a commitment now, a gradual change but deep down in our behaviors, our way of governance… moreover, the national strategy of sustainable development goes in this direction, it precedes and guides the action, but it is resolutely turned towards the action. Sustainable development must be the result of a mobilization of all, allowing everyone to take action. The first emergency is to ensure that the modification of our behavior is translated into many concrete progress in all areas. The sustainable development, it is together.

International Solidarity

For ACID, The international solidarity is the collective will of one or of several actors to change the imbalances, inequalities and injustices prevailing in several countries. This is to take into account the reality of these inequalities, understand the causes and take action to combat them. All the actors of the company may be involved: public authorities, local authorities, businesses, the media, trade unions, associations… Every citizen is concerned.

Poverty, unequal access to services essential to the life of men, such as health, education, access to water, or the non-observance of the rights of men, women and children are the main reasons responsible for the movement of international solidarity. Natural disasters, wars, epidemics, against which the countries concerned cannot act alone, are also reasons for international mobilization to provide assistance to the affected population.
International solidarity is based on sharing and reciprocity, not on welfare or paternalism. It is also based on a greater involvement of citizens in the procedures of democratic decision-making in the North and the South. Fair trade is also based on these principles, which aim to ensure that the affected farmers can make a living from their work with the means of subsistence, safe and durable, complete autonomy and the ability to take their future in their hand.

The first objective is to defend the fundamental rights of the population in need of services, to coordinate the actions of international solidarity by agreeing on strategies, priorities for action and the sharing of responsibilities. Awareness and education are also part of the actions to be undertaken within the framework of international solidarity. It would be necessary to change attitudes and behaviors so that injustices can be stopped
Act together, is to develop activities that generate the social utility, including through collective projects. It is the valuation of all the ways we can improve the society in which we live. Everyone has its place, its role and its word to say in initiatives where the money is a means and not a goal. These initiatives may be nearby, such as assistance to the elderly or more remote such as fair trade.

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