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Food Aid & Agriculture

Food Aid

ACID provides assistance to persons who are disadvantaged or experiencing time to time of economic difficulties. Its action is aimed at different objectives, including:

  • respond to emergency situations;
  • to provide a diverse diet of sufficient quantity and quality;
  • encourage the person in need to take care of it, in a process of “improved self-imaging”;
  • avoid wastage in valuing unsold and overproductions of a consumable commodity;
  • to provide a tool of social inclusion or economic (for example in the sites of insertion of employing people helped).


ACID develops strategies to ensure the farm is sustainably environmental, economic and social, and encourages the production of healthy food and non-food products and good quality.

  • It works on improving the use of natural resources and the health of workers and working conditions; and/or,
  • Creates new market opportunities for famers and exporters in developing countries.

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