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Health Prevention & Youth and Child Action

Health Prevention

Provides medical and humanitarian aid, informs on the rules of hygiene and prevention of malnutrition.

Youth and Child Action

Around the world, young people and children are the engine of change and demand respect for freedom and fundamental rights to improve their situation and that of their communities, as well as opportunities to learn, work and participate in decisions that affect them. At the same time, because of the persistent crises, many young women and men are disconnected, are in the extreme margins of society, and have lost all hope for the future. More than ever, it is now time to improve investment in research, policies and programs to create an enabling environment for young people to thrive, to exercise their rights, to find hope and the feeling of belonging to a community, and to play a role as responsible social actors. The starting point is to consider youth as the solution, not as the problem. It is vital that young people are fully involved in social change. Their energy, creativity and critical thinking skills that enable them to identify innovative solutions and to build bridges and networks between groups have been proven in many parts of the world. If given a favorable environment, they can channel this energy to turn into actions that benefit the sustainable development, the consolidation of democracy and a culture of peace, both for current and for future generations. Young people have important perspectives and opinions that are often overlooked. Active participation makes productivity and is likely to play a vital role in their personal development. To increase their contribution, we need a better understanding and collective implications of youth participation and how this participation can be achieved for children and adolescents. In this context ACID attaches importance to youth, child in these action plans.

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