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Human Rights & Social Sustainability


The universality of human rights is an ideal that internationalization is involved in the construction. This process of “universalization” does not tend to the diffusion of a single model, from a single point, but rather to the emergence in various points of a willingness to recognize the rights common to all human beings. In this sense, universality implies a sharing of meaning, and even an enrichment of the meaning through the exchange between cultures. The Declaration on defenders of human rights affirms that everyone has the responsibility to promote and protect human rights. In this regard, and perhaps above all, the Organization aims to encourage more people to defend the rights of man, to become defenders of human rights. In this same idea ACID:

  • Supports the right to defend human rights;
  • Strengthens the protection of defenders of human rights against any negative impact of their work;
  • Provided to defenders of human rights awareness-raising tools and training,

To do this, the development Agency is involved in all kinds of situations in connection with the rights of man, for example, the summary executions, torture, arbitrary arrest or detention, female genital mutilation, discrimination, employment issues, forced evictions, access to health care or the toxic waste and their effects on the environment. It defends the fundamental rights as diverse as the right to life, to food and water, better health status, more likely to be achieved, adequate housing, to a name and to a nationality, to education, to freedom of movement and non-discrimination.

Social Sustainability

Poverty reduction for its persistence and social exclusion in times of growth and widespread increase in inequality and vulnerability.

  • Facilitates access to goods and services, building capacity, and equity between generations

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